Where are you located?

We’re centrally located at 472 Third Avenue in downtown San Diego. We are just a few blocks from the Convention Center trolley stop. Other attractions around us include Horton Plaza, the Gaslamp District, the Children’s Museum, and the William Heath Davis House.

What’s on the menu?

The Cat Cafe features award winning coffee and espresso from West Coast Coffee Roasters and Cafe Virtuoso. We also have pastries from Bread & Cie, cookies from The Cravory, and sandwiches from Sunshine and Orange. All of these companies are located right here in San Diego. There are also sodas, juices, and other snacks available.

Where will you get the cats?

For a little over two years, The Cat Cafe took in cats from San Diego Humane Society. As they started putting cats in more Neighborhood Adoption Centers, the demand for animals became next to impossible for them to fulfill. That is why starting in February 2017, The Cat Cafe began bringing in cats from The Rescue House.

How will you make sure the cats stay healthy and unstressed?

Jacey Enjoying The Cat Cafe

Jacey Enjoying The Cat Cafe

Welfare of the cats is a very important concern. It’s not just the humane thing to do, it’s good for business.  Nobody wants to hang out with unhappy or unhealthy cats!

The Cat Cafe limits the number of customers who can be in what we call the cat playpen. Generally, we don’t allow more than 12 people at one time in the playpen.

How many cats will be in The Cat Cafe?

According to the ASPCA, communal cat living facilities should have no more than a dozen cats. We think that’s a good number to shoot for, but there may be fewer cats depending on availability from our partners and recent adoptions.

Can I bring my own cat to The Cat Cafe?

No. Think about the reaction your cat has when it’s time to go to the vet. And then think about how they react when they are there. They’re not happy, and unhappy cats create an unpleasant atmosphere which is something nobody wants.

How will you make money?

Great question.  Any business, including The Cat Cafe, needs to make money. We make money on the sales of food and drink and gift items. Each item purchased allows the admission of one person.  If you don’t want to purchase any food, there will be a nominal fee to sit with the cats.

What about toxoplasmosis?

Patrons of The Cat Cafe won’t have to worry about this because the only way it’s spread is through the feces of an infected cat.  The staff will be the ones cleaning the litter boxes, not customers.  And even if customers were to scoop litter boxes, toxoplasmosis is spread by cats who have eaten infected prey.  Since the cats at The Cat Cafe will be served commercially prepared food, this won’t be a problem.

Finally, even if The Cat Cafe served infected food and had customers cleaning the litter boxes, the disease causing cysts are only shed for about two weeks.  It’s just not something that a customer has to worry about.