Benefits to Cats

One question that has come up about cat cafes is whether the cats in them are being exploited.  They’re not.  There are many benefits to the feline residents of cat cafes.  We view The Cat Cafe as kind of a public foster home for adoptable cats who have the personalities to benefit from it.

Cat Cafe Benefits to Cats

Fritter was Adopted at The Cat Cafe


There are many benefits for foster homes for cats.  Here are some of them:

  • Fostering saves the lives of millions of cats. By freeing up space for The Rescue House’s fosters to take in additional cats, more animals can be saved.
  • Fostering allows animals that require special attention to get it.  By taking in adoptable, human friendly animals, other foster homes will be able to give that attention to cats who need socialization, have trust issues, or who just need a little extra help.
  • The environment at The Cat Cafe gives our feline guests a chance to feel at home. And, they get used to interacting with a lot of people. This means that cats adopted here won’t be the ones who hide when visitors arrive.
  • Potential adopters will be able to learn more about the personality of the cats.  Staff and volunteers learn about the personalities of the cats. Then they can match them with the perfect adopter.

Focus Will Be on Welfare of Cats

Yes, we aim to make money at The Cat Cafe. But we will do it in an ethical way.

Daisy Was Adopted at The Cat Cafe


Unhappy and angry cats don’t draw in customers. That’s why The Cat Cafe works hard to make sure the cats are in a happy and healthy environment.

We provide the cats with an area to retreat into when they no longer want to interact with customers. The Cat Cafe also monitors the playpen to make sure interactions with the animals are appropriate.

Not only is this good for the cats, but it’s good for business.

We treat the animals at The Cat Cafe very well. That way, they can show their personality to potential adopters and find the perfect home!